About us

We improve the health of individuals and communities through the use of digital technology. Inception Health brings together the best aspects of innovation accelerators, an “outside-in” mindset, and resources to rapidly test and scale digital health solutions.

Our Vision

The Inception Health team of clinicians, engineers and health care professionals focus on changing health care by linking consumer needs with innovative solutions from across the country and deploying them across academic and community health care networks.

Inception Health believes that by partnering with innovators locally and across the country we will drive change in clinical care, customer experience, the health of our communities, and the cost of health care. We believe that rapidly changing technology combined with a commitment to “meet people where they are” leads to new possibilities to transform health care.

Our Work

We work hard to define the problem, and we use design thinking and human-centered design to understand the issues from all perspectives.

  • We look to the market, using our network to identify the best solutions to meet those problems and that are scalable across our systems.
  • If solutions exist in the market, we implement solutions using best practices in tandem with local users and leaders
  • When solutions are available with existing or market solutions, we design and build using Agile principles.

Inception serves as as a Catalyst, an Incubator, a Designer/Developer, and an Operator of solutions.