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Ideas about Healthcare

In the last decades, Technology has eaten the world. Although we invested heavily on digitizing the clinic, the medical records, and a lot of our administrative tasks through the deployment of EHRs, the experience of care and the culture of technology in Medicine did not improve dramatically. However, learning from other industries, the true value of technology is when it becomes an integral part of the ecosystem it is trying to redefine; or in other words when technology becomes the business.

Why are we building a Product Engineering team in Healthcare?

Our Research

Published 2 years ago in Journal of Participatory Medicine

In this narrative case, we identify issues related to patients’ use of technology, make comparisons between telehealth adoption and the deployment of electronic health records, and propose that buildi...

Published 2 years ago in JAMA Network Open

This quality improvement study of 137 846 video visits showed an overall 90% success rate. Patient rather than clinician factors were more systematically associated with successful completion of video...