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Inception Health believes that by partnering with innovators locally and across the country we will drive change in clinical care, customer experience, the health of our communities, and the cost of health care.

We believe that rapidly changing technology combined with a commitment to “meet people where they are” leads to new possibilities to transform health care. Our goals and some of our focus areas today are:

Health Care Innovation

Improving Care

Bringing deep clinical knowledge to people wherever they are to make health care safer. Inception Health aims to empower people to stay healthy at home and to improve reliability of care for the most complex cases.

Reinventing the Consumer Experience

Through listening and developing a deep understanding of what consumers want, Inception Health delivers care on consumers’ terms. We enhance the health care experience by helping people get the right care at the right place at the right time.


Improving the Health of the Community

Engaging consumers around their personal health data, improving access to mental health services and managing chronic disease 24/7.
Health Care Cost

Reducing the Cost of Health Care

Inception Health is increasing the efficiency of the care team through the use of technology to streamline the health care process.

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